MES Customer Support (or should I say LACK OF)

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Nov 17, 2013
I purchase a Masterbuilt MB20076718 Bluetooth Electric Smoker 240G recently (jan 12th - delivered Jan 17th)
Upon unboxing on I discovere one of the welds on tone of the lower rack supports was broken.
When I had it assembled and plugged in to do the seasoning run I discovered that the Meat Probe did not work.
Upon examination of the wire I found a spot that was frayed and appears to have been smashed in transit ans suspect that is the problem.
I used the Customer support form and input the issues and provide all information including pictures of the issues.
The next day Jan 18th I recieve the response below:

Thank you for contacting Masterbuilt Customer Support.

Case #: 77324 has been created for you.

A member of our Masterbuilt Customer Support Team will respond to your case within 2 business days. Our hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8am-5pm EST, Thursday 9a-5p EST.
If this is a warranty request and you have not already done so, please REPLY to this email and attach any pictures of the following: your proof of purchase, the specific issue you are having and one the inside and outside on your unit.

Sounded like everything was going to be handled and addressed in short order.

Well since that time I have heard nothing have even re-submitted the issues and responded to the original email.
Have look high and low on the Masterbuilt website looking for a contact phone number to talk to a real person the number I have found (1-800-489-1581) rings and then goes to a busy signal.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I am so frustrated with lousy customer service.
I have till Feb 15th to return the item for replacement to Amazon but that seems really stupid given the small issue with the product.

Thanks in advance



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yeah it sucks when these companies don't respond, I know when I got my mes a few years back I had a problem but I got to say they got right back to me and sent the new part, maybe I got lucky. I can't remember though if I contacted them by email or phone though. I would say try again and if no response get a hold of amazon and send it back.
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I would send it back. You paid for a new machine, and you don't really know if anything else was damaged.

I have only dealt with mes customer service once for my analog mes 30. I had a great experience with them, not sure of the number I called but got a hold of them right away and they sent a new element and control cord, no shipping for free. Hopefully they get back to you.

Good luck
Their Customer service was terrible 9-10 years ago.
Then they got better---Much Better---Nearly Awesome for years!!
The last year or two it seems to be the luck of the draw with them.
I don't blame you for wanting it to be perfect, but I would think about swapping it out, as you could easily get one that has bigger problems, like kicking breakers, or getting too hot, or having to use a hair dryer to warm it up so it will start. Also, just so you know, the built in meat thermometer is a useless POS. I wish I knew how to get rid of mine---I don't like the cable being in the way.

Luck to you!

All I can say about Masterbuilt CS on a scale of 1-10 I give them a big 'ol gooseegg.I battled them from Nov of 17 till May of 18 about a black Friday rebate,I eventually just gave up in frustration.Like there product but will never deal with their CS again...much easier to buy the warranty through the retailer and not sweat it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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