MES BT 40" insulation burnt?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by rhaugle, Aug 29, 2015.

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    I smoked for the 1st time the other day on my new MES BT 40" from Sam's. Afterwords, while cleaning the unit, I noticed these very heavy burn marks on the side of the unit. When I ran my cloth over them to clean, it made a crunching noise. Sounds like the insulation on the inside has melted/burned up/deteriorated or something. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this and if it is normal not not. I have an email into Masterbuilt, but from what I've read, they may take a while to get back to me. I will try to call them Monday if no one here can give me info. The crunching noise can also be heard on the back wall. Both areas that seem affected are above the heating element. I have not noticed the issue anywhere else in the unit.


    Edit: I have also put this post in the 51 page "New MES BT smoker" but think It may have been over looked. This seems like a safety issue to me, so I really want to get some input.

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