MES 40 SS or painted?

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  1. Looking for the 2.5 Gen 40",  but only one I have locally is the painted cabinet one from Sam's for $329.  Has a Stainless Steel door and legs/wheels,  but would like a full SS box.  Is it worth it?  Could probably get one somewhere else for another $100 without stand/wheels.  What do you think?
  2. No thoughts on painted or Stainless  Steel?  My wife says save money and get the painted,  as long as the insides are SS.  Also,  noticed some   units have 4 shelves, and some 6.  ?
  3. Thanks so much for posting this information. I went by Sam's last night and bought one. $329 for a GEN 2.5 40" MES was just too much to resist. I've been looking at Amazon and Bass Pro for a few weeks. I just could not bring myself to pay the $468 at Amazon.
  4. your welcome.  Let us know how you like it.  Has anyone heard if the new generation has upgraded the electric components that have plagued earlier versions?  Almost ready to pull the trigger on the unit you just got, Surfer Joe,  but after reading some complaints of some earlier versions,  I wish this one had a track record to go by.
  5. Completely agree. Fingers crossed this performs like Gen 1 and not Gen 2.
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  7. Thank you! Staying optimistic at this point. I know it is new but have not heard any criticism yet. Next move will be to order one of Todd's pellet trays.
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