MES 30 - Quick Pan Mod and Q-view

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by pbplayer, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. pbplayer

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    Decided at the last minute to do up some ribs and forgot about having a disposable foil pan underneath so I came up with a quick mod. I ended up using a baking sheet covered with foil that fits directly onto the grate holders on the side of the MES-30.  Perfect fit!!!!  Here's the pics:

    I'm also trying them no foil BB's this time....240 degrees at the moment with an AMNPS going on below.
  2. pbplayer

    I hope your BB come out like you want. I am interested in your results since I have never not foiled a rack since I went to using my MES.

    I also use a foiled up cookie sheet but use it on a lower rack so the smoke can get to it better. Good luck and lets see the finished rack. Jted
  3. pbplayer

    pbplayer Newbie

    I did like u did and removed the pan from directly under it to another rack. Awaiting some goodness now!

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