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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kembo05, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. kembo05

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    I purchased an MES over the holidays and I haven't had a lot of luck with it lately, I purchased the AMNPS for it and I have done a couple of racks of ribs and some whole chickens. It's hard to explain but the taste just doesn't seem right. Any chance I am over-smoking? I used a propane smoker before the MES and never had this problem. Any thoughts?
  2. Without more info I can't answer your question. Yes it is possible to over smoke. It is also passable to have bad smoke. You want TBS not white smoke. Also check the set temp of your smoker to see that it is correct.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Does it taste over smoked? Are you using a tested therm for cooking? What about your seasonings?

    Could you maybe go through your process for the ribs and chicken? The more info we know about what you did the better we can help and suggest things.

    BTW, what generation of MES and what pellets are you using for smoking?
  4. kembo05

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    Yeah, it taste a little over smoked I guess. I use a tested therm for the cooking; can't remember the brand. The chicken I just brine overnight with basic salt/sugar solution and then lightly season with a basic dry rub; ribs I use the same dry rub. The meat isn't dry it just doesn't taste like it usually would with the propane smoker. The MES is the newest generation I think (2nd?) it has no window and the digital thermostat. right now I am using the Pittmasters choice from the AMAZN website

    I usually run the smoker around 200-225 with the AMNPS in the bottom left corner, the smoke runs throughout the cook but it's hard to tell if its TBS or white smoke because it is always so damn windy.
  5. Well it all sounds ok really. I don't know what your "usual" taste is, but it's probably true that meat smoked over different heat sources could have different flavors. Sort of like sometimes you can tell if someone is using charcoal or gas?

    One thing you may want to do it test the read out of your smoker with a therm to make sure the display is accurate. Also maybe cook a little hotter? You'd be able to see white smoke coming out of the vent even in the wind I think. So you should be ok there. Not to mention the AMNPS won't put out anything but nice TBS cause that's how it's designed.
  6. tropics

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    kembo05 that all sounds good. Are you using water in the water pan?
  7. Everything sounds like your doing it right. I would get the smoker temp up to 225° and wide open for poultry.

    Happy smoken.

  8. kembo05

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    yeah I keep the vent wide open, the smoke tube half way out and no watter in the pan; I was told I should never have water in it? I might just be over smoking the chicken. I cold smoked some cheese a few weeks ago and after letting it sit for 10 days it still tasted like I rubbed it in the chimney and then rinsed it off, and that was only smoking for about 2 hours.

    I will try to add the smoke a little later in the process or maybe pull AMNPS after a couple hours with chicken next time and see if there is a difference
  9. I would smoke early then finish without smoke and see what you think. Some people don't like as much smoke.

    Happy smoken.

  10. kembo05

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    thanks for the input fellas
  11. bmaddox

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    What wood did you use in the propane smoker? There is a big difference in flavor from one wood to another so if you are accustomed to a mild tasting wood that might be the issue. If I remember right the pitmaster pellets have hickory in them which has a strong flavor.

    When it comes to chicken and ribs I usually only run smoke for the first half of the cooking time (sometimes less). That is based on my personal taste. I prefer a light smoke flavor, which is why I have been getting away from hickory and using more pecan wood.
  12. kembo05

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    I usually would use mesquite or hickory chunks with the propane smoker. I have been smoking for a while but I have always stuck to those 2 woods for the most part; if pecan is a little lighter I may give that a try, I know the first couple smokes have been a little heavy on the smoke flavor for me. Thanks for the input
  13. cat797

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    I would bet it is over smoked.  I just got an AMAZ'n pellet smoker (that came with the pit master blend) and I smoked some cheese and thought it was like licking an ash tray (even after letting it mellow in the fridge for 3 weeks).  I've had pretty good luck with my MES40 without the pellet smoker when cooking at normal smoking temps.  It doesn't work well at real low temps, so that's why I bought the pellet tray.  Next time, I'm going to try and only fill the thing about half way up the sides instead of full.

    One other note, if you are new to the MES, mine runs WAY hotter than the digital setting..........

    Good Luck,


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