Mercy mission - Pork loin.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by frosty, Oct 30, 2011.

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    One of the wife's friends has her mom in the hospital, so I decided to make a little pork loin to drop off, so they couldn't have to cook as often.  Their hectic schedule with two pre-teen boys was already hectic, so a little pre-cooked pork can be made into sandwiches, lunch, dinner, whatever is desired..

    Got up early and hit the ground running. Got out the supplies, the pit, and started to work. Pit warmed up nicely, and ready to go.

    Had two pork loins, and split them in two to allow shorter cooking time. Seasoned them up and onto the pit the went,


    Also have a birthday/food day at work for a co-worker on Monday, so a few pulled pork stuffed jalapenos go in as well.[​IMG]


    Pulled the loins off at 145 degrees F and wrapped them in foil to stay moist.  The 4th one took a little longer, so it had to stay a few more minutes.


    Four wrapped and ready to go to their new home.  The stuffed jalapenos will be gone in short order on Monday.

    Thanks for viewing.
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    That's very thoughtful of you to cook for them in their time of need. I know they will appreciate it.
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    That's a nice thing you are doing. Looks good

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    It all looks good!  Nice job Buddy!

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