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Aug 3, 2015
Alexandria, VA
Retirement process grinds on, but I’ve had some time to do a few decent cooks. Just haven’t gotten around to posting. My sister came in for Easter weekend so it was a good excuse to go get some heritage pork and great Tri Tip! Both served with our favorite GR garlic mashed potatoes and an awesome mushroom red wine reduction.

Friday: Reverse seared the trip tip:

Easter Heritage pork loin stuffed with sage, thyme, rosemary, and garlic. Then rolled and wrapped in a somewhat sad bacon wrap🤣 Smoked at 275 until IT was 125 then cranked up heat to finish and make bacon crispy🤤 also served with Balsamic Honey reduction on roasted carrots💪

Thank you for your time! Happy Spring!


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Same way I make mine.....never knew GR made his that way too. I like it with roasted garlic or even smoked garlic....
GR mash are tasty whipped spuds for sure, he uses the water they are boiled in the add intense flavor. Butter, cream, creme fraiche.......Just magic!
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Jed, you absolutely nailed them!
I'd be having a tri tip, mashed taters, pork loin sandwich... smothered with the mushrooms!

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Perfectly done on both cuts. It would be hard to choose one over the other so I'd have to do it like you did. BOTH cooks!

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Wow Jed, that is just phenomenal buddy! Nice job on everything… and enjoying some fam time! Awesome!

Congrats on retirement my friend, well deserved! Thank you for your service and a thank you to your fams sacrifice as well!
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