Meat mixture for making sausage

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  1. What is a few different  meat recipes for making sausage?  I see that Boston is popular but do you mix it with beef too?  Thanks for the help!!!
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    Beef, pork, chicken, bacon, fish, and seafood all can be used to make sausage. What sausage(s) are you looking to make?
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  4. Thanks guys. Do you know if you have to use a cure or not?  I read that you have to all the time and I have seen recipes that never call for it.  Thanks again!
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    If you hot smoke the sausage, no cure is required. Meaning you get the sausage to 135 or 140 internal temp within 4 hours.

    For cold smoking or drying sausages, cure is required.

    This would be why some require cure and some do not.  Before doing this, please do study on cures and smoking methods.  Also, be sure of the source before trusting a recipe.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Read and Research...There are a lot of websites that post Dangerous Recipes...I found a recipe for a Turkey base sausage on that the first instruction was, " Bring ground Turkey to room temperature. "[​IMG]...I posted a warning that this should never be done!...If there is any doubt in the source check with us before you proceed...JJ
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  8. Thanks everyone!  

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