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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by mabrandt, May 14, 2013.

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    I have always used Boston Butt from Sam's for my sausage with no complaints. However, last weekend I smoked some spare ribs and had a bunch of meat left over after I did the St. Louis cut. Usually I give the trimmings to the wife and she uses it during the week for something. I got to thinking that this could make sausage if I grind it up. I did a little search here and see some of you do do that. What I am curious is how it comes out? Does it taste much different then the Butt? I vacuum packed the trimmings for the next sausage session and wondering if it's worth it.
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    mbrandt-I save the trimmings when I do spare ribs and what doesn't get smoked for my Wicked Baked Beans, I separate the lean from the fat. Each goes into its own vacuum seal bag, sealed, marked with the contents, the weight and date; then everything goes into the freezer. When I do ribs, I generally do 3-4 slabs at a time so the trimmings really add up.

    My last batch of brats was made from all rib trimmings and no one could tell the difference between those and the batch that was made from all butt.
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    I do the same thing when doing whole spareribs.

    The meaty part of the brisket on top of the knife in the top pic and the skirt comes off [unless i smoke the whole rack] and the boney part of the brisket i save for brining [in the bottom pic where the butter knife is leaning on it] to be smoked for beans, kraut, and other meals. Makes for great trimmings for sausage like the others have said. Reinhard

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