MB Pro Dual Fuel Two Door cover?

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Dec 26, 2013
I'm needing a good cover for my smoker.  I've read the reviews for the one MB makes and am less than impressed.  It seems the consensus is that a heavy duty trash bag works better than their cover.  However, the wife is not impressed with this as an option.  So, what is everyone using?
I ended up ordering this one:
It's a little wider than it needs to be though.  However, I wanted to be safe since I added a side shelf.  I love the length...it covers the controls on the front nicely.  I ended up adding a couple of bungee cords to keep it tight.  Landmann makes several smaller covers that are available on amazon that I would probably give a try if I didn't have the shelf.  I also like that one of the corners zips...makes it super easy to put on and take off.
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