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  1. Hey Guys,

    Anyone in the Central PA Area know any good placed to get scrap metal on the cheap?

    I am in Lancaster and am planning a RF build with a 120 Gallon Propane tank.


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    Give these guys a call in E'town, if they can't help maybe they can direct you...JJ
  3. Great Thanks!
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       Cororumex, are there any scrap yards in your area? they are a gold mine for metal and parts.lLook in the Yellow pages for Scrap Metal and you should find what you want. They resale at pennies on the dollar. And some have new metal for decent prices.

    Just sayin'----------Satn    aka   oldschoolbbq       ;}-

    Have fun and...............................
  5. Thanks, I will check that out, I tried googling scrap yard but everything seemed to be companies that bought scrap metal I was not sure if those places sold t also.
  6. So I found my Tanks!!

    If anyone is around the central PA area and need a propane tank to hold propane or for a smoker check out Nolts in New Holland. Got a 120G/300Lb Horizontal tank for the cooking chamber. And 2 100Lb tanks for the fire box. They were cheap so we bought both. 

    Found some peices of 1/4" sheet metal at Ephrata Recycling and my uncle who owns a big green house in the area is going to let us have free pickings of his metal dumpster, Plasma torch and Mig welder :)

    Ready, Set, Build.

    Pics Below.


    Our Tanks. $170 for all three.


    We Considered one of these for our smoker but decided it would be to hard to find something large enough too smoke in it.


    Yeah those are all 1000 Gallon tanks.

    I will start my build thread once we start cutting metal.

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    Thats funny !!!!!!!

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