Masterbuilt (master chef.. I think not) first Smoke!

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Original poster
Dec 30, 2013
Hello all. I wanted to post a quick note here before I attempt my first smoke.

I have a master-built dual fuel smoker I just got from HD. I was doing my burn in and of course I got flare up with the small chips I was using. From reading the other posts here I decided to use the chunks wrapped in foil. Hoping that will help get rid of that problem.


I got a pork shoulder to smoke, and there is two pieces roughly 6# each.I soaked them in a brine over night and am getting them back to room temp now before putting in the smoker.

I plan on cooking at 220 roughly 6-8 hours is what I'm guess-timating. Does this sound about right? I think i read roughly 1.2 to 1.5 hr per LB. Of course I will be checking my internal temp for the finished product.

I tested my thermometer on the door in boiling water, and surprisingly enough it looks right on the money. (hoping this will work for now, new wireless Maverick is on the way.

I am curious of your recommendations. Should I heat up the smoker first then add wood chips?

I want to use apple juice in the water pan, Should I mix it with a little water?

What other things should I watch out for on this first attempt? I have people coming over tonight for new-years and I am really hoping I don't have to make a last minute call for take out LOL!

Any help or suggestions is much appreciated.

Thanks and Happy New Year!
Good afternoon GAsMoKINguy, I did 2 butts of similar size in my smoke hollow gasser right before xmas. I think you may be on the low side on your time guess. Mine took closer 11 hours to reach internal temp of 205 deg. for pulling. Dont know if you plan to pull or not. I would smoke for 6 or 7 hrs. then check with meat thermomiter decide then. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.