Masterbuilt 560 on sale at Home Depot

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I've been watching Facebook Marketplace, trying to get an idea of what used 560's are selling for and best I can tell, its less than $200. And that's for those with a clean, like new, appearance. Don't know why anyone would buy one of these used if they have the patience to wait to catch the big markdowns in the fall.
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Inice score. I got my 560 for $300 at HD in i think was a clearance F'up. When i saw it at the store i came home and asked here if it was a deal and if anyone else had the unit personally .When i went back to the store 30 minutes later it was gone. I went in a couple of days later and asked about it. apparently it was moved back to warehouse as some employee wanted the score. Th manager said it was still there with clearance tag.... do you want it? so I scored. asesmbled and everything.
I got my 560 at Walmart in January 2021 for $250. If I'd waited a week longer, they went down to $150.

This makes the used market really iffy. Anyone who does any research on the internets is gonna wait for a new one.

And these are not like selling a used Kettle.
Thanks, I deleted that part of the post I made.

I found that through an ad , but I don't recall what page I was visiting when the ad appeared.
...I deleted that part of the post I made...
sorry if it sounded like I was trying to guilt you. After all, maybe they could be legit? Someone here could vouch for them?
I once bought something on eBay (think it was even BBQ-related) at about the $100 price point that really was "too good to be true". By the next morning, I was feeling sick that I'd been had. But later that day, the listing was down and I never got docked the $100. Proving that even on eBay, there's an attempt to save us from ourselves. But then again BibBigMart has no one watching over them so it pays to be extra diligent. Once they have your credit card number...
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