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  1. I'm smoking 2 spatchcock chickens with cherry wood chipsI have the damper open full would you have it half or what?smoke is pouring out of the damper on my masterbuilt--40-smoker Thanks----Ken
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    If you are talking about the top vent keep it open all the way.
  3. Yes I guess it it the vent it on top of the smoker-------Thanks-for the info.---Ken
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    Open exhaust 100%

    You need the moisture to escape

    What are you using for smoke?

    Chip Pan?

    Chips, Chunks or?

    Chip loader out part way?

    If so, push it in to slow the smoke

  5. I'm using cherry & wood chips----Ken
  6. tjohnson

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    Too many chips into the chip pan.

    Did you soak them?

    If you did, sometimes what you see is steam from the chips

    Are your chips burning to ash, or staying black, like charcoal?

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    I didn't get the pictures???

  8. I did spatchcock chickens-2 of them my 1st smoke I have a masterbuilt-40 I bought in theend of April but from the end of April--till the middle of June we had rain then from-Fathers Day weekend I started my camping trips--we spent 25 nights this year until the end of Sept. I guess I had them to high I did them at 275 for about 2 1/2 hours I should checked them out side a little more often I put the temp. the thigh used my remote-temp until the temp got to 180 the skin ofthe chickens were burnt--Black--the meat was great I guess I should of had itat a lower temp. & should have pulled it at about 160 or so & let it restthe temp. would of gone up I have gotten so many different suggestions on what temp. to have at--I used cherry wood chips I'll do better next time Ken--Colorado--Smoker

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