Masterbuilt 30 Analog condensation problem

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Original poster
Feb 4, 2015
Juneau, Alaska
I am having major condensation issues in my smoker, to the point that the entire ceiling of the smoker was covered in water droplets towards the end of my last smoking session.  Is there anything I can do to minimize this issue? I'm smoking in Juneau, AK and it's usually raining when I'm smoking.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Nick, IF you are using a pan with water or other liquid in your smoker stop. You might also want to preheat your smoker to dry it out before you place meat in it. See if that helps.
I'm not using any water and I'm using a AMZN smoke generator.  I'll try preheating the smoker to 200 before I get smoking to dry it out.  I know people say not to smoke out in the rain, but I don't have much of a choice most of the time.  Thanks for the advice.

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