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Jan 6, 2006
Thanks to all who gave me the "courage" to try maple. This past weekend was the first chance I had to fire up the smoker since I posted in Feb requesting info/advice on Maple.
I started my endeavor with babyback ribs using 3-2-1 method and hickory for the 3 hours. After the two hours had passed, I threw in some maple with some scewered shrimp coated in oil w/ Old Bay seasoning. It rang the bell! The shrimp was unbelievable! I'm still discovering how good foods come out when cooked with smoke. Shrimp with maple is top notch. I've got to try chicken next. I've cooked chicken with hickory and wasn't that impressed. It's like a new toy everytime I try something new. Hopefully Santa come this weekend!
Maple is good for all around smoking..Hickory might be a bit much for chicken..but it's great on a Pork Butt.

If you get a chance..try some fruit trees..Cherry is the idea from Scott in KC and the mild flavor of cherry lets you really pour the smoke to it without getting bitter.

I just cut up about a half a cord of apple last night and I can't wait until it sesons a bit to try it on my ribs..I've heard it's great..we'll see in a few months.

Bigmeatsmoking, I use to use alot of oak. When maple became very plentiful I started to use it. Maple is a great wood to smoke with. I have used it on a couple of deer roasts and several chickens, with great results. I have got some apple that i intend to start using one of these days, but I am sold on maple!!!!!
I'd like to try some maple, about the only wood chunks/chips that I can find are hickory, oak or mesquite. Anyone want to donate some maple to my wood pile? :mrgreen: The Tree Trimming Services in my area are no longer allowed to deliver wood to folks wanting it nor can they allow someone with a truck to pick it up. It all has to be chipped or the owner of the tree can claim the wood but they have to remove it from public sight as soon as the tree has been cut down and cut into sections. :(
Man dutch that is a bummer, maybe you can find a new source for maple. BTW I am going to smoke a couple of chickens for a dinner this weekend. I am planning to use mostly maple and maybe a hint of oak and hickory. I will keep you all posted.
crazyhorse, I'm 95% sure the maple I have is silver maple (brother brought it down from KC). Any type of maple is good for smoking.
Crazyhorse, please refer to my posted reply to tpope under Woods for Smoking, drying wood. Otherwise....Have at it!
Update- THe chickens that I talked about a while back turned out reall good. Used maple with a hint of hickory. Delicious!!!!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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