making sausage

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Original poster
Feb 2, 2014
Dallas, Ga
I just started making sausage a few months ago and today is my first venture in smoking snack sticks. I found a lot of great tips and info reading these forums and want to say thanks to everybody for sharing their knowledge. Hopefully at some point I'll be able to share my different experiences good or bad and recipes.
Thanks Woodcutter appreciate it. I figured as much as I was researching and as many times as I was lead to this forum it was time to sign up. My first venture on snack sticks yesterday came out alright although I'm not sure if they are what I was expecting or not. Its almost like they may be missing something or that's just the way the seasoning pack flavored it? I used the LEM seasoning and added their high temp Hot Pepper Cheese to the mix. They are a little moist which I kinda liked so that's good and the collagen casings I used are tender. Those Sheep casings are a pain! But I'll poke around here some more and see what I can learn before I do my next batch.
First off welcome to SMF woodworker and were glad to have you aboard...Can you swing over to roll call and introduce yourself so we can give you a proper welcome .....

Feel free to post up your process of sausage making along with pictures...... We can help you along the way if needed......

Thanks and happy smoking

To fellow wood worker and sausage maker.... Welcome!!! Lots of good info here...Weisswurst is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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