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Discussion in 'Pork' started by danbury, Jul 26, 2014.

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    One of my favorite ways of doing pork butts this summer is to buy two pork butts, remove the meat from the bone into smaller pieces and cook on my UDS.  I rub the meat just before I put on the pit and cook at 245 - 275 most of the time and then the past few hours I spritz with a mixture of apple juice and brown sugar that I heated up and then filtered through a coffee filter for a nice bark on everything.  Usually takes about 6 - 8 hours depending on thickness of meat.  I can cut into pieces when done and make sandwiches or I can just toss a chunk of meat on the plate with some sides... best of both worlds.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some pulled pork and have cooked my share of butts over the years, but I have no patience for over nighters this summer and this is some knock out stuff.

    Sides will be some cole slaw and what ever else I have laying around.  Also making some bread pudding using French bread.  Nothing formal at all.

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  2. I'm a cheater, I have an old $100 stick burner. So when I opened my big fat drunk mouth to the neighbor one night that was talking about a block party I said I would smoke a whole brisket. We already had a family event planned for the day before the party and Didn't know what I was going to do. So I raced home from the family cook out, took a nap and woke up about 10pm. After the trimming,injecting,rubbing, and having the smoker at a steady temp I got it on about 12am. Sat out drank some beer with my buddy and kept up with some steady smoke, I wound up wrapping it and then I had it in my oven by 4:30. Hit the sack and woke up about 10:30 it was perfect temp. Blanket wrapped it and had it in the cooler waiting for the party. It was a hit, plus I actually got some sleep. I will continue to do that with the big smokes until I upgrade my smoker, buy dual temp therms. and all that fancy jaz. I figured it to not matter considering it was wrapped tight and needed no more smoke, if anything it helped because unlike the stick burner my oven kept a constant temp. Everyone loved it, and I was proud!
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    Man, I can't believe you guys. I think you both need re-training in the formal art of following the leader. You are both thinking way outside the box and should be banned from SMF. Since I don't have any real authority here, I will give you both points for not being afraid to take chances and trying new things. 


    No shame in using the oven to finish up a smoke. I must confess that hacking a pork butt is a new one on me, but I don't know everything! Sounds like it works for you! 

    Ps. Bread pudding is my favorite! 
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    I've finished up pork butts in the oven a few times in a pinch, but it's not often I have done so.  I do like deboning the meat sometimes as it gives me a few different ways to eat it.  Some parts of the meat are very very tender if you want to do pulled pork style or the other leaner parts you can slice and make sammiches or just toss on a plate with a side or two.  This year I don't have as much time to hover over my "q's" as much as I like, so I opted for the shorter cook times with pleasant results.

    Thanks of the points!  As for as trying new things.... Man... I've seen way more new ways of doing things on this forum and compared to some of them, I'm still old school!  LOL

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