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Looking to go from propane to pellet smoker?


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When cooking at 250 to 275, do you still get the smoke flavor. 1 concern is that the Traeger shows smoke mode at 225. I like to smoke at 250 to 275, so my concern would be longer cook times to get the smoke at 225? Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. Or is there a another model I should be looking at?

My 3 smokers I'm looking at 1) Camp Chef Woodwind SG 2) Rec-TEC 3) Traeger Ironwood



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Typically, pellet smokers do not smoke well at higher temps. I will smoke at 225 in the earky stages and then turn it up for finish cooking. I have th Camp Chef Woodwind and am very happy with it.


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One thing to consider about pellet smokers is when cooking at higher temps, they produce less smoke since they use pellets as the fuel source.
But you will still get a decent smoke flavor at the temps you want to use. Some users will add an A-MAZE-N tube smoker to generate extra smoke if needed.
The 3 smokers you are looking at are good smokers.
Though I would personally lean toward the Rec-Tec.


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I have a pitboss 1000t2, with this one I don't think I would get much smoke at all at 250-275, can't speak for the ones your looking at though, I do get smoke flavor at 180-225 although a little lighter then i'm used to with my mes 30 with amnps. definitely getting a amazing tube for more smoke.


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Pellets are important for flavor. a 100% hickory, Oak, or Mesquite are all heavier smoke flavors. I get smoke flavor on my cooks in those temps but some claim they don't. lower temps = more aroma & taste. I bet any of the 3 cookers you mentioned would be good choices.


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Never an issue here on the MAK, smokes quite nicely at 250-275º but as others mentioned, add the A-MAZE-N tube if you want more.


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Hey man, I went from a Weber Genesis propane to a Rec Tec Bull and I love it! I've used my Weber maybe 3 times since I got my Bull. At 250 and/or 275, you still do get smoke you can see but not as much as 225 or Xtreme smoke at 180. A lot of Rec Tec users start their grills at low(Xtreme smoke) for the first hour or two which does help. I too like to smoke around 250.

The one thing I'll say my Weber Genesis still does better is doing like flank steak. You need that direct heat source under you to do a good flank steak. It can be done on the Rec Tec but just not as good.

Today I just picked up the Magnum PIG from SmokeDaddy. It is a cold smoker which I plan to use for longer cooks where I want more smoke. For a lot of people, the smoke produced from pellet grills is fine but some of us like that added smoke flavor like from an offset.

To solve my direct heat issue, I do plan to get the re-introduced Bullseye from Rec Tec. Even though that is a pellet grill, it is shaped like a Weber kettle and can get up to 500 in like 10 minutes and can get temps north of 700. Anyways, out of those 3 smokers, Rec Tec is definitely the way to go. I have a friend that has 2 Camp Chef woodwinds and he's likes them but build quality doesn't compare to my Rec Tec. And Traeger....well, I would just say do your research. You will figure out you get better bang for your buck with Rec Tec.

Good luck!

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