Looking to do my first build

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steven carr

Original poster
Dec 26, 2013
Cobleskill NY
morning all...

I just signed up on this Site yesterday and I can't put it down... I have been Smoking for just over a year. Started on just my grill then bought a Smoke Hollow smoker witch I like very much. Did do some of my own mods to it.... But anyway I'm. Looking to build something a little bigger and be able to call it Mine. I was thinking of doing a RF and be able to take it places like the fair and stuff. But I really like the Look of a Smokehouse but the problem is we rent a house and I prolly can't do one to big and permanent. I was thinking something like 4ft tall and movable but thinking what I would use to make the heat and smoke?  I see people use hot plates and some use propane. Any ideas?  Or could I do like a external fire box?  And if I go with a RF what's a good size to start with. I really like the language smokers. Any ideas or tips or info I would love. Sites would be awesome. Too. 

Welcome to SMF this is definitely the place to get expert advice on all things smoking. Poke around and read.....search is your friend. You could build something small and easily moved. Depends upon your preference and skills. I researched and decided on a tank style RF. Size depends on your needs. 30-100 gallons make nice size patio cookers.

Best of luck, ask questions and post pictures!

thanks i just checked out your RF build. And I really love the pics. Where do get all the equations for how big the fire box and where to set the RF plate. Maybe it tells in your post. I have not read it all here. Definitely. Going to follow it!!!  Happy Smoking Radio Guy 
Steven. morning...... Figure out what you want to build and we will help to make it a great smoker... Many folks on the forum know what to avoid so the smoker will be the best in your neighborhood... maybe the town or even the county....

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