Looking to buy a propane smoker.

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  1. Hi folks,

    I'm looking to buy a propane smoker, but the reviews, etc. have my head swimming. This is the one I'm leaning toward, mainly because of the drawers for wood and water and the brass burner which should last a long time.   

    Anyways, I'm looking for pros and cons on it, recommendations on others, anything you folks can tell me to help me not make a mistake. I've been learning the hard way for 64 years. I'd like to just once, buy something I'm happy with from the get go. And I understand, anything I buy will need tweaking. But that's part of the fun.

    Any and all advice you can give me will be greatly appreciate. Thank you so much, in advance. 

    The old grey fox in PA,

  2. [​IMG]  Of all of my smokers I don't have any experience with a propane smoker. I agree it would be nice to get it right the first time. I hate buyers remorse. Someone will be along soon with experience with a propane smoker. 

    Happy smoken.

  3. I have a smoke hollow from Gander. It's great for ribs butts and brisket, but too hot for salmon, jerky and sausage. It doesn't get below 200. I've been thinking about adding a few more vents, but you may not be willing to mess around with that on a new unit.

    The Landmann looks like it's better built than the Smoke Hollow, so it should do fine.

    I've had mine for about 10 years and had to replace the burner about a year ago (cast brass).

    Good luck and happy smokin!
  4. Couldn't you put a small charcoal fire in an iron skillet and turn off the propane to try to keep the temp.lower? Mix in some wood chunks.

    I just ordered and Landsmann btw. I ordered this one.  

    It's 21" wide, but that should be fine for me. I'd have like to gotten the wider one, but it was $100 more and I just couldn't do it at this time.

    Thanks for the replies guys.
  5. I have had a propane smoker in the past. It was a Landman but with one door. It held a lot of food. The trick was to make very slight adjustments to dial in the temp. But once you got it, it held steady. The pain was having to put chips in every 45 mins. Not too bad.
  6. Hopefully the two doors will make that less of a problem. BTW, what kind of smoker do you use now? 
  7. lamar

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    I have the Landman 38' wide model and really like it.   The only modification that I think it needs is the addition of a needle valve in the gas line.   The  valve built in is a bit touchy to adjust the temp.  With the needle valve.........just set it and forget it for the whole cook.  I made other mods,  not because it needed it,  but for convenience for me.   The built in thermometer is just like most all brands.......it's off about 50 degrees,  so don't depend on it.  I generally only put one hand sized chunk of wood in the smoke pan for a cook.  I do not use water,  so I line the water pan with foil to catch dripping.  Makes cleanup simple.

    Here is a link that shows how I insulated mine.  I have cooked at 225f in 10 degree outside temps with no problems. 


    Good luck on your decision.
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  8. Greyfox612,

    I've had my propane smoker for a couple of years now, and really like it.  Like most things, it takes a little getting used to.

    Once you find what works for you, I'm sure you'll like it.  Some folks complain about the extra moisture introduced from the burning propane, but I don't have any trouble with it.  Of course, I run mine low and slow, and the only time it's gone over 250 was to initially season it.

    Lamar has a good point about the need to make small adjustments to the gas.  I run mine midway between low and med., and a tiny adjustment can mean a temp swing of 20 degrees or more.  I noticed there's a bit of play on the knob, so make all adjustments going the same way, CCW.  If I overshoot, I back it off and clockwiase, and try coming at it CCW again.  I also made a nice fine line and added a couple extra hash lines to help know exactly where it's set.  Of course, this may all be for naught, as the setting will depend on the conditions.  A cooler day with a little wind will require a bit more than a warm still day.  Just one of those things that a good thermometer will help with.

    Hope you get lots of use and enjoyment out of your smoker.

    Smoke on!
  9. Sorry, to give credit where it's due, it was VMASTROS who commented about the need to make small adjustments to the gas.  My bad.

  10. I currently have a Rectec pellet grill and a WSM. Check out the "mailbox" mod. It is an awesome mod on a propane smoker. I tried the tube inside the box but it didn't work well for me.
  11. vmastros,I checked out the mailbox mod. Very cool idea. Thanks. I love smoked cheese. 

    I just got a message from Amazon. My smoker should be here tomorrow. [​IMG]  [​IMG]    
  12. lamar

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    Then..........you won't sleep a wink tonight!

    Enjoy that smoker.
  13. Just remember when you adjust temp, just a tap one way or the other and let it settle in about 15 minutes. You need a thermometer that is accurate. The one in the door of the unit likely will not be accurate. Call it good if you are within 10 degrees of where you want to be.

    Enjoy. Pictures please.
  14. Well I just got a notification on my phone that the smoker has been delivered. Can't wait to get home and put that thing together!!! Then break in tonight and hopefully smoke something tomorrow. 

  15. lamar

    lamar Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Just in time for the weekend..........have fun.
  16. Yep, just in time! Got it all assembled and ran it through a break in. Letting her cool down now. 

    Now what to smoke first?? Hmmmmmm...
  17. dirtsailor2003

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    Throw a chicken in there. Chickens a great first smoke. Can't hardly ruin a bird and if you somehow do you're not out a bunch of money!
  18. b-one

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    Good luck with your new smoker!! A pork butt would be a great first smoke as they are pretty forgiving but they can take along time if you get a big one. Can't wait to see some pics of whatever you smoke!
  19. What ITs do you shoot for in chicken and pork? I see charts that say 160 for pork but I read where guys take it to 195 or 200. So Till I know more I'm a little leery about doing pork. I did it once and it wasn't that great. I was told I should have cooked it longer. 
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  20. b-one

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    I like a butt around 200-203 when I pull it off the smoker. But I always pull mine. I also don't foil but many do. Practice makes perfect!

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