Looking to add a sfb to a oldie but goody

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  1. As mentioned in my Roll call, my mid 90's #2828 did not come with sfb. I have seen the the air inlet design has changed and no knockout pattern is stamped. If i recall the oem sfb was mounted using the prestamped bolt holes shown in pics below after removing damper. As i move along rehabbing step by step it's still putting out good Q and until another smoker is found, would the new style fire box ($80) be adaptable w/o being a pita? I know it looks a little roached,but steels in good shape, and has no physical weaknesses. The food doesn't care and nobody has complained . I've seen 20# propane tanks modified as sfb's . Have no thoughts of getting rid of it since it can always be used as a large grill but if something can be added it would work out better. Don't want to sand blast and paint until resolved

    . Any thoughts??
  2. Moving on with rehab-researched and thru together some mods from you guy's along with some of my own. Have a lead on a trashed horizontal from storm damage that i can salvage the sfb from and maybe retrofit it to mine, we'll see what happen's. Done for the weekend, think i'll fire it up , burn it off and smoke some fattie's just rolled in rub to see how she runs. Smoke On.

  3. Led astray no burn, no fatty,anyway. Finished after work today, capped end and made a stand to use when i flip my chimney starter for starter coals out of scrap. That little turbo twist at the top got them going fast. Burning off and really satisfied with the results. Had to choke air quicker than usual and overshot it a little-target 250 before meat-. Going now for 2.5 hours +/_ 225 at about 25% air. Heat retention and recovery time is alot better. Temp / damper reaction time is better with most of the air leaks sealed up. Back flange to make but not today. Smoke on.

    Ran from 7-11:30 on only half of my firebox. Dropped under 200 at 11, rake them tight against the inlet and got another :30 out of them,and there wasn't much left. So far, so good. Can't wait to see how she runs after i finish back flange and insulating. 


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  4. Tried a couple things from a mish mash of mods i've seen. Bricks @.50 and made a little preheat basket to warm them up and get chimney side drafting. Was never really happy with the air inlet design so i thought to split it up as a "Raised Stool Grate Design". Always drew more combustion air and was always having to be a slave to it. Came up with some kind of smokers swiss army knife but worked out way better than i thought. Draft when box was lit ( with preheat hots) was immediate. Always proof draft at inlet with a nice cigar. Knocked 5+ mins off CC warm up. Little plate i crafted shut down heat pretty quickly and once she was constant could tweek +/- a couple degrees with just some small adjustments. Smoke seemed alot better(air on top of heat) with out the heat running together. Thinnest smoke i've ever had, sometimes disappearing but still on the nose. Recovery on temps was alot better and balanced some hot spots. 250' temp was center 4" off grate and 220' grate height next to dropped vent. All i know is, till i make my SFB (winter project) this is working out better than expected. Had a chance to get back to the tool's for a little bit. One more hole to cut and a handle to mount and cover with Roundit and i'll figure out what else to do. Smoke on.



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