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Looking for NSF Certified Smoker on a Trailer

Discussion in 'New England Members Group' started by Low and Slow 1, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. I am trying to start a mobile catering business here in MA and the local health board is giving me problems with certifying a smoker. They say I need to use an NSF certified smoker but I have not been able to find one on a trailer to use for mobile catering/roadside business.

    Does anyone know of one that is available on the market or even have one for sale?
  2. dward51

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    I may be wrong, but I think to get NSF certification you are looking at something like the commercial FEC or Southern Pride models. I don't think I've seen traditional stick burners, gravity fed, or other smokers like most of us have that are NSF certified.

    Basically NSF and ANSI are just standards. The difference is someone had to pay (and pay a lot) to get the laboratory testing done to submit for that certification. It does not mean a NSF smoker is safer or better than a decent quality home smoker. Just that the company paid for the testing so they can use that certification label (Sort of like UL listed for electrical items). Most health inspectors want to see the certification as they know the products meet the standards and they can rely on that professional testing certification (it makes their job easier and the products are standardized).

    Most old commercial smokers are grandfathered in and if they are replaced, they will have to be upgraded to whatever certification the local inspector is looking for (ie, NSF). I know of one 80 year old BBQ "joint" that had to close when their smoke house with open pits had a major grease fire and burned to the ground. The old open pits were grandfathered, but when they rebuild the smokehouse, it had to be totally to the current standards. Too expensive for the owners, so they just closed.

    Here is a link to the NSF/ANSI 2 standards for food service equipment (2015 version) on the NSF.ORG website. NSF certification means all of those requirements are met (and there are a lot).

  3. Hi Dave,

    Thank you so much for this information. That was my fear in looking for a mobile smoker. I really have only found the really expensive models. The problem I have with the health board is this is the first time someone has come to them about a mobile smoker and they don't really know how to handle it so they have fallen back on the "it requires NSF certification" and I am trying to appeal to them that the certification really is not available in the mobile smoker market as the companies find it impractical to pay for the certification due to the units not being affordable if they did. I just need to get them over this hump and self inspect a unit to make sure it is the quality of the NSF certified units. I was looking at a Meadow Creek TS250 with the Food Grade Stainless Steel racks and shelving. Looking through the qualifications n NSF, it seems to meet this criteria. I guess I'll just keep pushing them :)

    Thanks again.
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    Hello we carry NSF smoker grills we have wood fire charcoal burning first one in the world to be NSF approved just came out this month Cajun custom cookers the website is Cajun smokers.com
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    Here is one. Info can be seen at cajunsmokers.com there are 9 sizes available that are NSF listed these cookers are bullet proof and work year around.

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  6. Myron Mixon offers the H2O smokers in UL listed versions that your health department would accept. Bewley smokers were previously NSF certified and they will build you one to the same specs if you request it and provide proof of previous NSF certification (copy of the certificate). I am currently working with the HD here in Minnesota to get one approved. Bewley will build you one on a trailer. Not sure if MM does custom builds on a trailer. Either one of these options will be very expensive.
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    Just to let you know UL listed is not an NSF certified we work directly with many local health departments to help many new caters and restaurants pass total inspections and even establish menus and branding. We are very informed on all the Midwest health regulations and deal with these departments on a daily basis. Our NSF line is automatically approved globally no if's and or butts lol.
    you need to try Cajun smokers.com at least give them a call they will give you a quote at no charge they are NSF certified units and have a price for everyone.. when you want the best nothing Cooks like a Cajun. ;)
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    Our trailer needed to be NSF approved as well keep that in mind. Cajun trailers are a approved part by NSF and is listed on the NSF site. Also UL is not accepted for food contact in Minnesota. UL is typically a construction supply certification like for electrical components such as light fixtures or the electrical parts of the smoker but not food contact certified.
    The state of Minnesota along with many other large cities have these NSF regulations and stick to them pretty well. Some folks in rural areas get away with non NSF but it is a matter of time before the health department gets wind of it if you plan on growing your business you will need NSF Certified equipment in most large cities and many states have state wide regulation.
  9. cajun cooker

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