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Jan 8, 2011
Moosomin, SK
Hello all. I am looking for a new pellet grill. I have a treager that i wish i could blow up with TNT. I have been checking out Louisianan, Rec Tec, a yoder and a Memphis grill. I want to hear some pro and cons on these grills. The grill will be used in our catering business so it will be used on a daily basis. So if you have some suggestion please let me know. Thanks in advance.
I like my Rec Tec a lot.  Great temp controller, very accurate from 180*-500*.  Adds plenty of good smoke at low-and-slow temps.  Does a good job of direct grilling too with the added searing kit accessory.  

I looked at both a YS640 and a Memphis Pro when I was comparison shopping.  They are both outstanding pits, but were out of my price range.  It really depends on what your budget is.  I'm very happy with the RT...IMO its a great value for someone wanting a good pellet rig on a budget.  But if money had been no object, I would have probably ended up owning a Memphis (Elite or Pro) or a Fast Eddy by Cookshack.  

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I have the ys640 and it has worked well for me.  That being said if i was going to be using it everyday then I would look at the fast eddy cook shack or the bigger yoder pellet grill (ys 1500 i think).  That is assuming that you will be cooking alot of meat a day.
thanks for your reply's. Yes we cook a lot of meat a day. We look after 3 hotels that has a lot of oil guys staying there. We are cooking 7 days a week for these 3 hotels, we also cook for a care home once a month. My treager has had 8 digital controllers, 3 glow rods, 3 fire pots, a fan and an auger motor, a temp probe and my lid was replaced as well. Treagers may be good for sunday cooks with the family, but not if you use them every day.
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