Lonzino and Coppa's started....

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Feb 3, 2009
Central NY
I finally got around to making a curing cabinet out of an extra frig that came with our new home. I decided to start the curing adventure with whole muscles. The lonzino is a Len Poli recipe with some black pepper and garlic. cured in a cool refrig for 12 days then hung to dry in the curing chamber for at least 17 days.

The coppa recipe is from the marianski's which it rubbed with half the cure and spice and chilled for 9 days, then the other half is applied for another 9 days. then it's rinsed off and more spice is added, then into the curing chamber to dry.
I've got the chamber set up in the basement where ambient temp has been running 57-60 f (14-16 c) so heating or cooling is really no issue. and humidity I have dialed in to 70% and it will fluxuate between 67% and 74%.

I'm feeling good, and somewhat confident. :|

The lonzino in the center has been drying for 10 days and has lost about 10% of its weight. not really sure when I'd want to pull it to sample, any suggestions?

Thanks for checking out my stuff!
Pull it all the way to North Central Washington... DOH.......

Oh.... you said when...... I thought where..... DOH......
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I'm in!

Is there a build thread on your curing chamber??? I'd be interested in more info on what you built and all the parts and pieces and the controls.
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