Longtime lurker.... first time actual member! Looking to get back into the Smoking game

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Jul 18, 2022

Massachusetts native here and been a longtime lurker on this forum for awhile. Originally bought my Masterbuilt 30 inch electric smoker in 2012 and remember coming here to read threads for guidance haha. Ended up getting an Amaze-n pellet smoker unit to use with my MES due to the popularity from this forum. That Masterbuilt unfortunately died a few years ago and I sort of took a break from smoking for a few years due to life just being busy/experimenting with other types of cooking.

I'm back now though and ready to get smoking again! Hopefully I can get some guidance on the current line-up of electric smokers since it's been years since I've seen what's on the market. Think I'm probably going to go down that same route of an electric with the pellet maze since its so convenient to stick something in the smoker at night, go to bed, and be able to wake up to delicious smoked meat!

Just have to say I've always enjoyed this forum and the community feeling among members from so many different locations offering helpful advice and sharing information. I really don't think there is any better place to get the right info for learning and making great BBQ than this site!

Thanks everybody!
Welcome to SMF from Utah. Great people and assistance with everything here.
Hello from RI!

If you still have that MES it can be brought back to life and be actually better than when it was new.
Ha! Glad you finally came out of the closet to join us. I’m no help on electric smokers but welcome from Colorado.
Welcome Smoke, glad you joined us. There are a lot of MES 40 owners here and I'm sure they will be more than happy to help you spend your money. :-)
Hello from RI!

If you still have that MES it can be brought back to life and be actually better than when it was new.
Oh nice a neighbor right from RI! I actually got rid of it when I ended up moving sadly! It did last me 8 years and a lot of use so I can't complain for what I paid for it. It's good to know though members here have a lot of experience fixing them incase I run into a similar issue with my next purchase!
Welcome from Ohio. I started on an MES too. I’m into stick burners now but if I wanted set and forget with the best flavor possible I’d go with Masterbuilt gravity feed.
Yeah I saw that smoker and was intrigued right from the start! I'll have to take a look at some of the threads since I do find for my lifestyle, being able to have the set and forget method just works best for me and that smoker seems really versatile.
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Welcome to SMF from SE GA!
Use the MBGF 1050 now and the MES 40 mainly as a warmer.

Yep sort of debating between the Electric/Amaz-n Pellet method or going with something like the Gravity Feed. I'll have to do a little research on it because it seems pretty awesome from what I have seen of it online so far.
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