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  1. Hello all. I'm a 30 year old from Virginia Beach VA. Been visiting this site for well over a year before joining. I smoke meat in a Masterforge propane smoker as well as my brand new WSM 22.5 which I have not smoked any meat in yet.[ATTACHMENT=2135][ATTACHMENT=2136]IMG_20150615_125107.jpg (1,661k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT]

    Im having problems controlling smoke emissions in this WSM smoker any advice would be apprectiated. I started fire in 90°f weather sunny lit 15 briquettes in chimney placed them in the hole in the center had all vents open 100% temp only managed 208° however I believe that to be a small issue as i will add a few more peices of charcoal (KBB) to get the temp up my problem is the amount of smoke it emits i only put 2-3 pieces of apple wood chunks in and even after 20-25 minutes this thing is rolling in white thick smoke it seems not start buckling down until the wood has burned completely up. This happens even if ive prelit wood in a chimmney as well. Im at a loss and getting discouraged.
  2. I have no answers to your questions :)  I just wanted to say Welcome!!!  you will find a lot of other people around here that are super capable and willing to share and teach because they want to see us newbies succeed and have fun (and not poison anyone lol)!!


  3. The above images are the same as earlier post but embedded.
  4. [​IMG]   Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from a hot, cloudy and humid day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

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    Welcome from SC. If you have been here for a year, you already know how helpful the folks are. I don't really think that the smoke in your pics is excessive. Be sure that your wood is well seasoned. It would be good if it were split so it would ignite quickly. Other than that, The wood will just be trial and error. I would try some Royal Oak lump charcoal to give you a better bed of coals to start with. Good luck and keep smoking, Joe
  6. Thanks Joe the pictures don't show it as I was seeing it and it was excessive as to the TBS I'm used to seeing out of my propane smoker.I'm going to try a little different tomorrow and mix the the wood and charcoal throughout the pile. I was expecting to get a lot of smoke the first few minutes of adding chunks then I thought it would turn blue.
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    Brian, Sounds good to me. When I had a WSM, I mixed the chunks into the charcoal. I wouldn't try to cook with too much wood, the WSM really likes charcoal better. Also, you will get better temps with the lump.
  8. Went back and tried again today with the changes I said I was going to make and that thing held beautifully between 230-240 with TBS for the 7 hours I had before I had to leave to ho to work. Thanks all it was suggestions I've read from all over this board that helped make this happen.

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