Little Red Smokehouse Model 250 FS Barbecue Pit

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    If you have a commercial BBQ operation, this is the machine you want to have.

    This feature packed barbecue pit will surprise you with its productivity and efficiency even though it takes up less than ten square feet of floor space! In a cooking line it only needs 35 inches! The compact size makes it easy to find a place for this pit even in crowded kitchens. You can cook 250 pounds of heavy meat cuts or 50 slabs of ribs per load. Even cooking is assured with our high velocity convection air system, so no rotation of the meat is required. This highly versatile oven can perform multiple roles. It can cook quickly when you need to produce ribs or chicken in a hurry, but it can also slow down and cook long and slow to produce incomparable old fashioned barbecue. This unit is also available (Model 250FSE) with electric oven elements to assist the wood fuel for even greater efficiency and flexibility. you may email [email protected]. this is located in Illinois
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    Do you still have Little Red Smokehouse 250 FS or FSE Looks like it is in good shape !
  3. bayrunner bbq

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    I am very interested in condition of smoker and do you still have up for sale ?

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