Let's all get together

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cheech - get the dates and particulars together. I work a swing shift that is in the process of changing so I'll stay tuned to the Q channel for more info

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Your dang right we can smoke their spam. I agree a smaller set-up than the Royal would be better to meet each other and cook for ourselves and visit. A campground or something then maybe a trip to a nearby contest for those interested.

Who knows let's just get together and get down with our bad selves and smoke some stuff. 8)
I'd be interested. My cooker isn't exactly mobile, but I might be able to figure something out.
Pyre my Wookie (my smoker) is not exactly mobile either but if PigCicles can get us the $50 smoker it would be able to give me something to work with while i am there
Gotta stop by this Friday to see if they have any yet.. will let ya know
I've got every KCBS sactioned event in Missouri marked on my calendar. You could pick just about any weekend in April or May and there will be an event.

May 12 is Columbia, MO, which is where I work. I will be attending that one for sure. And I just might be competing, if I can get my chicken and brisket up to a respectable level.

In Missouri, Columbia might be the second best choice behind a KC event. Columbia is right on the interstate between St. Louis and Kansas City.
Cheech, we had been looking at aligning it with a contest in Sedalia, MO on June 15 and 16. The thinking was centralized location and lots of camping within 30-45 minutes of Sedalia. This date is late enough maybe miss alot of the Spring storms and get the kids out of school for the members that have school aged kids, but maybe not be miserable hot yet. Ya never know about weather, but we thought it should be after Memorial Day because of school.

PigCicles and myself are talking it out in chat with whoever is in there and trying to get several options together then we were gonna run a poll or three and get the choices down to what everyone wants.

Anyone wants to discuss it pop in to chat or PM me or PigCicles and get your idea heard. It is going to be impossible to make everyone happy so we came up with the poll idea.
Sedalia MO average temp on June 15 is 83 degrees. Just FYI.

That's also where they have the missouri state fair, although the fair this year is August 19. Should be plenty of room if they have this at the fairgrounds.
I'm in Tulsa, and all the locations you've mentioned are doable for me. I'm not sure exaclty where Sedalia is though. Isn't it somewhere near Springfield? I think the whole idea sounds great, the only thing is that my idea of camping involves the Holiday Inn.
Plenty of motels around the Lakes for those that don't want to camp DDBBQ. That's one of the other aspects we'd talked about I forgot to mention. We were gonna get more organized, but since this was getting wound up again I figured I'd throw something out there. Tulsa to the most interesting areas would be an easy day trip. Maybe we can even get the guy responsible for all this to come say howdy.
I hear the Holiday Inn load and clear, however they generally do not allow smokers like a campground would. Either way is ok with me.

I still have to get permission from my wife but should be something I can plan on.
We are still in the brainstorming stage of putting this all together. As we get more info pulled together, we will also find the closest possible motels to choose from with prices if possible.

When I check on the availability of smokers tomorrow, I will hit CFM up to sponser the SMF group with a "door prize". We'll see what happens.

First question is: Is the weekend of June 15 -16 acceptable for the majority of those wanting to attend? Simple yes or no will do, if the no's win we'll try another date. This will get a more solid foundation to build on.

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