Let it smoke...let it smoke... let it smoke (My 1st attempt at documenting a Brisket smoke)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by needsmetidaho, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. I have a question. I have never used Cherry wood before. I have always used Hickory, but hickory gives a pretty intense smoke flavor to the meat, which some non-Texans might find over powering. This is why I decided to try Cherry.

    The issue I am having with the Chery is its just burns up the instant I put it on the fire. Since I have not used it before, I dont know if this is normal, or I got wood that was too dry, or I need to soak it 1st.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Its 12:40, so thats about 5 hours into the smoke. its looking pretty good I think. I just re-applied a little apple juice.


  3. Its 2:40pm and the brisket is at 152. 8 more degrees to foil. I bought foil pans to put it it because it seemed easier to me.

  4. My post with images are still being held awating moderation. But they will appear here soon.
  5. 165 finally so its time to foil.


    They are not going to be done in time for Church, so Im probably going to have to put them in the oven while Im gone. Then hope for the best that they dont do over temp.
  6. alblancher

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    If it burns real fast I would just add small amounts to the fire more often.  You are using chunks or small splits i assume.

    Don't know how long services are going to be but if you put it in a low oven wrapped with moisture IT should rise pretty slow and you would be ok. 

    Thanks for the Qview
  7. Thanks. Service is around 1 1/2 hours I think. i think the oven will work as well. Since its wrapped an all.

    i use small chunks of wood. No room for anything bigger. I have come to the conclusion that trying to smoke on a grill is a pain. I am defeintely going to get a smoker.

    Anyone got good suggestions for a good smoker that is not too big. I typically only smoke brisket once a year. But I do turkey and chicken all year long.

    Another question. After foiling, how to keep checking the temp of the brisket. Do yall stick the temp guage through the top, side or what? Or do people just estimate by time after foiling?
  8. alblancher

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    I just punch the thermo through the foil. 
  9. ok, thanks
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    Brisket look'in good!

    I'm gonna be giving my first one a shot on new years.  My daughter was in Texas last summmer and she has wanted to do one with me ever since.  Will be waiting for that sliced view.
  11. My wife went to Church without me. We decided that after working on this brisket all day, and it being dinner tomorrow for the entire family, it was more important for me to stay and get this thing done. God will understand.

    He loves a good smoked brisket!!

  12. Nice. Make sure to post pics and such of the smoke. Do you have a grill or a smoker? Grills are extra challenging for smoking. After doing this for years, I still have a lot to learn. Guess that makes me a padiwan learner still!!
  13. I will post the finish product pics tomorrow.
  14. smokinal

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    It sure looks good, can't wait to see the finish!
  15. smokininidaho

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    Looks great, from a fellow Idahoan!
  16. shooterrick

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    Looking forward to the final pics.  They should be being released.  I have not gotten any notifications on my blackberry about you being in jail today.  LOL  Let me know if they are still being held up.
  17. Sorry. I messed up. With all the confusion and being with family and all, I didnt get pics of the final product. My bad. I still dont get any notices of replies posted. No idea why.

    I can tell you that it was a huge success. it was one of the best briskets I have dont yet.

    I foiled around 165
    I pulled the briskets off the grill/smoker at 175
    I put them in the oven to finish - I put the oven at 220 and took the briskets to 205

    I had 2 briskets. So I sliced 1
    The other I put in my food processor and pulsed it a few times to get a nice chop
    Then I put the chopped in a pan on the stove and added BBQ sauce
    Then let the sauce caramelize a bit.

    The chopped turned out way better than the sliced. Next year, I think I will do more of the chopped and less or perhaps no sliced. Folks could either just eat the chopped right on their plate or put it on sandwiches.

  18. smokinal

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    Darn, sure wish we could have seen it!
  19. Sorry. I might do another one soon. That chopped was soooooo good!!!!

    if I was not already married, I might have to marry my chopped brisket. But then I would eat my wife, so I guess that would not turn out so well.
  20. red

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    Looks good to me! Thank you for sharing.

    I too have noticed Cherry seems to burn quickly.

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