LEM Grinder Broke - Great Customer Service

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Dec 21, 2015
Dayton, OH
So I started cutting up about 40 lbs of meat last night, which I will be using to make snack sticks and summer sausage this weekend.  I got two pork butts cut up, and I get my LEM grinder out, only to find out that it must've broke when I was putting it away the last time I used it.  The plastic piece on the main console that holds the front assembly with the auger, grinder plate and knife in place broke, so I was out of commission. 

I live about 45 mins away from the LEM headquarters, and was able to drive down this morning before work, and get grinder fixed.  The part only cost $2.40, and their service team replaced the part for me free of charge.  While there I checked out their outlet store and picked up some more seasonings, equipment, etc.  

I was in and out in about 15-20 minutes.  I must say I was rather pleased with the customer service I received, and was glad it was only a $3 fix, rather than having to junk it, and get a new grinder.  

I'll be back in business, and plan on making about 20 lbs of snack sticks, 4 different recipes, and about another 20 lbs of summer sausage.  I'll be sure to share some pics later this weekend. 
I guess living that close it makes it easier,to get service

Yeah, I could see how it wouldn't be as convenient if you had to ship the product in. However, I believe you could still order parts and replace yourself.
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