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Hey all

Now everybody knows I'm a complete computer moron--I've never tried to hide that fact (if it had a 425HP Cat engine and an 18 speed tranny, it would be no problem).  BUT I just discovered something really neat, It has only taken me half a year--in all probability, I'm the last one to learn this.  However, there may be others out there who are as computer "challenged" as me, so here goes.  If you double click on someone's avatar,another pic of it comes up.  If you double click on it, you get a full page pic of the avatar.  I think that's neat--the rest of you, try to keep the laughter down to a dull roar.  LOL

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We all have our strong points and our weak points. Mine happens to be engines and things like that. I managed to figure out how to keep my 2002 F150 alive for 254k miles, so we all can learn a thing or two......your next adventure is copy and paste........
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