Layering the smoker with different meats/items

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Nov 22, 2016
Southern California
So I see a lot of guys and gals smoking multiple items in their smoker.  I would imagine that you put the items on top that will cook the fastest so you don't have "raw" juices dripping on cooked food.  So veggies on top over chicken who are over ribs/butts???  My worry with this combo is the chicken.  Don't want to make anyone sick.  ADVICE??? Thanks
If your chicken is above the ribs/butts and drips on them, your smoking them to an IT above 165, which is the safe temp for chicken.  Those "raw" juices will be cooked to the temp of the ribs and butt.  They should be fine and delicious!

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No worries, no matter what you are cooking the raw juices are sanitized as soon as they hit the surface of the meat they drip on.

The surface temp of what ever you are smoking will be way above 165 so the bacteria is killed instantly.

Enjoy your meal no matter how you load your smoker.

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