Last weekends smoking

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Jan 17, 2011
Lindenhurst, NY
Last weekend I smoked a pork butt and a french potroast. It was windy and even though the thermometer in the smoker was 225 both pieces stalled below 165. The butt was about 3lbs and the beef was close to five. After 12 hours I moved them to the oven to finish. Temps started going up again.
The butt came out perfect, but the beef, although good, tasted a little like jerky. It was tender, but not as juicy as I would have liked. Was this because it was in the smoker too long, because of the wind? Or are fattier pieces of meet better for smoking?
Something else?

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Some cuts of meat just aren't that great for smoking to high temps. Mostly this is due to not enough fat content. I haven't seen a French Pot roast but that would be my first guess. Sirloin Tip roast is on I do quite often and if you try to take it to pulling temps it's not very good but if you take it to rare to med rare and slice it fine it makes some fantastic roast beef sandwiches.Most cuts of venison don't take higher temps well either. A pork loin doesn't do well at pulling temps but is awesome at lower temps. You get the idea gotta have that fat content to take to pulling temps
Piney nailed it: fat content is key to long hot smokes.  Beef generally is not suited for much beyond medium rare.
Ummm.. where's the pictures???

  Have a great day!

Your too much Scar, between you & Bear there's never a dull moment around here. Just one question. Who are those people?   
Sorry, i didn't take pictures.

i was busy Brewing Beer while i was smoking.

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