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Lang 84 Deluxe in central NC plus catering/competition set up

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by HickoryHillBBQ, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. I bought this and used it for a few years as the center of a catering operation, kids got in the way of so much weekend work though. I have a bunch of catering stuff, some big, some small.

    84" Deluxe trailer with woodbox on front. Lang is in good condition for a 10+ year old rig, fire grate is burnt out in the middle but still works, paint on cooking area is intact, firebox rust is under control, I've touched up the "table" area over the wheels a couple of times so they are good too. I've seen some comments about newer Langs suffering from some welding defects or quality control issues, I haven't seen any of those issues on this unit. Only ever burned hardwoods, 95 percent hickory, a few sticks of maple or white oak if I had it laying around and needed a little extra, quite a bit of lump or natural briquettes along the way. I had a propane pipe burner made for it that is pretty unique I think. It can slide into the firebox and keep the smoker at 250. Super nice for those long smokes where you've already put hours of smoke on the meat and just need to finish it off. I also use it for holding and cleaning.

    I have two tents made from specialized fittings and 1" EMT. 1 tent is 10x10 one is 10x20, they have high gabled rooflines. I have some extra corner fittings so some customized looks can be made. The poles are color coded to make it easier to know what you are doing while packing or setting up. I made a simple but effective way to stack and carry them ... if you've ever dealt with a pile of EMT you'll know it is a PITA to carry and store, this keeps them stacked and upright. Tarps are heavy duty grey, better than hardware store stuff and have only been used for the tents so like new shape. The 10x20 tent tarp is extra long on the 10 foot side so it extends down on one side, this works great for keeping the sun or nosey people out.

    Finally, there are two "full size" Cambro insulated boxes that fit full size hotel pans. These are the ones that have a door on the front and stand about 2 feet tall. These are the same model so the stack securely. If you haven't used a Cambro, and you need to hold food at temp, you're missing out. I have a pile of full size and half size hotel pans, some 6", some 4", some 2" ... probably 25 pans total. I have chafing dishes, platters, baskets, bowls, a few dozen mason jars for drinks, and a bunch of other stuff that may or may not be worth anything.

    Hard to find a value for the Lang, or really the other stuff, but here's what I'm thinking

    Lang with propane burner - 4500
    10x10 - 100
    10x20 - 150
    Cambros - 150 ea
    Full Hotel Pans - 10 ea
    Half Pans - 5 ea

    Would love some feedback from you guys, even if you aren't interested in buying.

    Will post pics and better catering equipment list soon.
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    Might help drum up some interest if you posted a location or shipping costs?
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    How many fills size hotel pans does each Cambro hold?
  4. Thread title states Central NC. I don't have a clue about shipping something like this and would cover that ground if it comes up. Delivery around NC, SC, VA I would also discuss with any potential buyer. I'm willing to negotiate.

    Both boxes pictured, top has two full size and one 2". Notice there is another slot above the 2", these are made to fit four 4" pans which is pretty much the standard volume catering chafing dish.

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  5. Holy cow. First I forgot my password, then by the time I got around to fishing it out from the forum software I lost access to the email I signed up under, but I'm back.

    This pic was taken yesterday. As I said before, the smoking chamber is in outstanding shape. I just noticed on Ben's site that stainless grates are now an option, but back when I bought this stainless was standard. Only real rust is on top the firebox inside the warming box, but that isn't too bad. Will get some more pics up soon if it doesn't rain ... again.

    It's going on craigslist soon, so if you're interested, go ahead and make me an offer.

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  6. Sold the smoker only for 3750 locally via Craigslist. Actually had 3 people interested. One was just "kickin the wheels", the second was serious and acted fast, the third came in at after the second had promised to show up for the purchase Saturday morning. Probably could have got 4k but I wanted it out of here before I changed my mind.
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    Do you still have the cambro and/or pans? I live in north W-S. PM me if you still have some equipment for sale.

    Happy Smoking,
    phatbac (Aaron)
  8. I clicked on "start a conversation" with you which looked like the PM function, but yeah, I have all the catering stuff.