Korean style Pork Belly with Kimchi

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    Having a Korean family member has added new adventures to my grilling. 

    A classic Korean dish is grilled planked pork belly with kimchi. We had this at a local Korean bbq joint and I knew I could do better. 

    I decided to try this on my gas grill with cedar plank base. I knew there would be a lot of fat rendered so I used my cast iron griddle normally used for preparing steaks to catch the drippings and avoid a huge fire. 

    The bellies used were purchased at the local Asian store as well as the fresh kimchi. (don't let the smell put you off- it is delicious) The bellies were labeled "Black Boar" which is a special breed I guess. Very lean. I spit the two pieces lengthwise to about an inch and a half thickness, salt and pepper both sides, then placed them on soaked cedar resting on the cast iron griddle over the center burner. The vents were damped to keep the temperature up. Adjusted to 375 for about 2 hours, turning every 15 minutes to produce a golden brown surface. The cast iron base worked like a champ and caught all the grease. It also buffered the heat from the burner directly under the meat producing indirect results. Only the center burner was used on my gas unit. The wood shingles were rested on the edges of the iron plate so there was no scorching either. 

    Once the bellies were well browned and reduced, the kimchi was piled on top and finished off until steaming. The results were then chopped into 1/2 inch cubes and mixed. 

    Absolutely amazing meal. The rich bacon flavor with the tart and spicy kimchi was the perfect combo. I am doing this again and darn soon. 

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    SR, the meal sounds incredibly delicious ! [​IMG]
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    Thanks. I couldn't  give this a higher recommendation. One of the best things I've put in my mouth. 

    Easy to do as long as you have a way to catch the rendered fat so there is no fire hazard. I got a good cup plus off the pieces I did. 

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