Kingsford wood pellets

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Nov 13, 2018
East central Illinois
I can't get LumberJack pellets anymore at Rural King. Does anyone have any experience with using Kingsford? I would like to try them, but they are quite a bit higher in price than the LumberJack. Thanks
I've used them a few times, both hickory and cherry, and I'd personally find them pretty close to LJ, but they are a bit pricier. They do make 5lb bags if you just want to give them a try without getting stuck with 20lbs if they don't suit you.
I've only used the Cherry and I liked it a lot. The price wasn't that far off of LJ but now I can't buy either locally. Wally world does have a few kingsford blends and 100% hickory, maybe I'll try them
Been using Lumber Jack for years and like them pretty well. I recently moved and have had to use Kingsford for the past six months. They are very similar to LJ, though a bit more expensive (at least in my area). I would recommend either brand.
I found a bag of 100% cherry at Safeway, of all places. I think it was $14 for 20 lbs. Haven't tried them out yet.
I’ve used them and liked the results. I like LJ a lot, the price is right, but they are hard to find. So, I stick with Kingsford and Weber. Beyond price issue, The only pellets I haven’t liked is Traeger.
Not to high jack thread but has anybody used the Kingsford infused pellets? Do they actually add the seasoning flavor they say they are? The garlic, onion, paprika really perked my interest. Sounds like something good for beef & pork if they work.

Thanks in advance
They are very good pellets and are 100% of what wood they say, I ran a bag of the chili flavor and while the raw pellets smelled like it I am not sure it added a lot . would buy again if same price as regular pellets. would rank them right there with LJ which I feel are 1 of the best out there without having to order from some where
Yes I recently purchased a bag of the Kingsford Hickory (since I was out of lumberjack at the time) and I found them to have a good flavor but they are double the price of what I pay for Lumberjack pellets. I only ran one bag of them but I'd consider them to be a good pellet. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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