KCBA event at Silver Lake State Park sand dunes

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  1. Anyone else going to the KCBA event at the apple festival at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes this weekend...(friday-saturday Sept 8-9)
    I'm headed out in the morning to catch the judging of the apple pie contest and the amature ribs compitition at 6:00 pm then going to the KCBA pro judging and awards presentation Saturday afternoon.
    Great car and dune buggy show, beer tent🙌🙌🙌,sand dune racing,, local store, craft and food vendors, BBQ vendors, live entertainment throughout both days... shuttles running to and from downtown to the dunes hourly.
    Always a good time.
    KCBA and the festival are billing this BBQ event as one of the premiere events of not only Michigan but the entire mid west.

  2. Ok...so no one else from Michigan went...I did...had a blast, great festival BUT...
    I wasn't impressed with the BBQ I sampled...it was all spot on mind you but nothing extraordinary...the brisket rock star did at the fatty contest IMO would have finished high in judging.
    So after spending the summer sampling as much BBQ this summer as possible, here's what I've decided.
    With two exceptions rock stars brisket and some incredible chicken thighs I had labor day at a private party, unless I'm doing Franklin's or Lockhart's or a couple rib joints in Memphis...I'll take my BBQ over any I've had...I'm sure I'd feel the same about a lot of Q the folks on this forum do too...
    WE do it just as well as most of the average contest circuit folks do.

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  3. hillbillyrkstr

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    Thanks joken. I did another full packer last weekend and it turned out pretty good.

    I'm kinda the same way with BBQ joints. I like to try new ones to see how they are but usually leave unimpressed. Here in Michigan I like Bad Brads, Lockharts, and Smokehouse 52. But honestly my favorite spot is Martins in Tennessee.

    I didn't see this post until just now. How was the event? Lot of pitmasters?
  4. The festival itself was great.
    There were about 35 pit masters there, but no big names I recognized. They were all super nice when I engaged them in conversation but not real forthcoming with recipies or techniques. All in all, I'd go to the festival again if I was in the area but won't
    make a special trip again, a certainly won't go for the BBQ...LOL


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