Just some grilled chicken

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Aug 1, 2018
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Someone posted about using their neglected gas grill the other day and made me want to fire up the Weber 410. Can't remember last time used it. Injected some TC butter in this morning than some of Jeff's sweet heat rub on before it hit the grill. Can't see but put some BBQ sauce on the bottom. Did not want to mess up that nice skin. Some more of that killer rye bread.

20210710_184020.jpg 20210710_184119.jpg

Albertson's been killing me with all their 50% off things. Have 3 freezers full and still keep buying. Bought the bottom 2. Not sure which do tomorrow.

Looks awesome nice job
Fine looking plate Brian, nice work. I've got a electrician coming next week to install a circuit for another freezer, want to make some large blocks of ice to toss into the pool. Yeah, it gets that hot here! RAY
Looks pretty darned tasty Brian!! You've been knocking out some good looking stuff recently.

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