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  1. Not new to the forum, but thought I would say HELLO everyone. I just joined the group by way of a new Louisiana Grills LG 700 that I ordered today. I've a member of the forum since May of 2012, and have done several smokes in my ECB vertical lpg fired water smoker. It will be nice to get the LG 700 and give it a work out.


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    Hey Jon, congrats on that new LG700! I've never seen one of those live and in color, but I checked out their website...looks like a great pit! I like the idea of their sliding direct flame/indirect grease shield. Seems like a good design.

    Be sure to show it off when you get it with some action pics...and let us know how you like it. Thumbs Up

  3. Update:   

    Received the Louisiana LG 700 pellet smoker/grill at 3pm today 25 July 2014. The delivery vehicle was a full 53ft semi. I had told the dispatcher about the construction on our street, but he didn’t pass that on to the driver. When the driver got to our street he saw what was going on and took it upon himself to have one of the construction workers with a skid loader with a bucket to take it from the semi to my driveway (that was nice of both men).

    I unpacked the smoker and checked it for damage and missing parts (there were none). Started the assembly process at 3:30pm and finished up at 4:30pm. The job can be completed by one person and a #2 Phillips screwdriver.

    Started the initial burn off/seasoning at 500F then after 10 minutes took it to 600F.

    Starting to unpack

    unpacking on back porch

    Started assembly

    Assembly 2  #1 and 2 took 10 minutes

    assembly 3 took about 10 minutes (finding where the wires go took the time)

    Total time for the build 1 hour by one person in 100F degree heat

    Burn-in at 500F for 10 minutes then to 600F for 20 minutes.

    The burn-in used about 1 1/4 gal of pellets (didn't think to weigh them).

    Planning first cook for tomorrow Saturday the 26 of July 2014 of a 8# brisket using a combination of Maple, cherry and Hickory (a competition blend from Menard's 40# for $22 plus tax.

    Happy smoking to all !!!
  4. 2nd Update

    First Pellet Cooker Brisket

    Put the brisket in at 0800 hrs, at 200F. At 1400 hrs I pulled it as it had reached internal temp of 150 then placed it in beef broth and foil until it reached the IT of 182. At 1500 hrs it had reached temp and was pulled and placed in a hot cooler (I heated the cooler for an hour by filling with hot water and dumping it out just before placing the brisket in it).

    The LG 700 used 1.6 lbs of pellets per hour for the smoke (total of 11.2 lbs). I weighed the bag of pellets after recovering what I could from the hopper after shutdown. I know shorter cooks will take less pellets but at least I have an idea of what rate the cooker consumes pellets at 200F setting.

    Ambient air temp was 100 to 102F for this smoke.

    After sitting for 2 hours in the holding chest, it was time to eat!

    Ready to start a smoke bath.

    Smoke me for a while

    Relaxed and ready for all

    All 7 of us enjoyed the brisket, and we have some left for tomorrow.
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    Hey Jon...Both the LG700 and the brisket look great! Looks like you're gonna love that new pit... Thumbs Up


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