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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by vartz04, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. vartz04

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    I'm stumped. How do I join the two rounded ends? I mean I know how to but how do you lay out the cuts? Is there some trick to this besides multiple cutting/trimming sessions?

    I'm trying to mount a 10 gallon air tank to the side of a 30 gallon compressor tank for the fire box.

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  2. vartz04

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    Also.... Is there potentially an easier way to do this? Like using a large metal pipe(4.5-5" diameter) and just cut a hole in the top of the firebox and bottom of the cook chamber and connect the two that way? Or will that not work?

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  3. I have the same question on my build. I will post a new thread with pictures and questions so as not to high jack your thread.
  4. Hi.. I'm in the same boat and am about to start a new thread on my build but I'm a little concerned that you are not getting any feedback on this thread. The only place I have found so far as to cutting the tank is from the franklin BBQ series. You can google it. Anyway I thought I would throw a picture in here to see if we can get some help out there.

  5. Cut a hole in one or the other and put them together. Work the hole until it fits nice. You can then either weld it first and reach in and cut the 2nd tank from inside with a torch ( recommended) or trace it and hope to match up the holes.
  6. I would suggest making a template of the smaller tank out of cardboard. Then transfer it to the larger tank. This should get you fairly close, minimize fitting time, and give you a look on where to position it.
  7. busmania

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    On this same note.  Maybe it's time to learn how to paper mache again?  Could make a replica of the tank end in about 20 minutes (plus dry time) out of paper machete and then use that to make your template.
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    Cut the rounded edge of one of the tanks off on one side and weld in a flat plate, then measure and cut/notch the other tank and weld together then cut the hole out  with a torch. That's what I would do

  9. I went ahead and cut both tanks and am now slowly piecing it together. The hardest part is working with cylinders and trying to get the measurements right. Also I thought about a standard lift door for the FB and a side door. This gives the opportunity to use charcoal or just wood. Any thoughts. Here's where I'm at now.

    Made the marks.

    it together.

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