Johnny Trigg wanna be ribs, Q-view

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  1. schmitzmoke

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    This was my first attempt at making a world class rack of Baby Back Ribs, Johnny Trigg style. This is a tall order! I've done tons of ribs before, some turned out great and some just OK. I've never been to a BBQ competition much less turned in a box before. I've been reading through all the rib threads, (thank you all,,, good stuff!) and I really thought that the Johnny Trigg method sounded like ribs that I would like. Here's how I did them.

    I can only hope they come out like Mr Triggs.

    Dry Rub;

    Dark Brown Sugar, Paprika, Black Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Kosher Salt and some Chipotle powder.

    Let stand for a few hours in the fridge;

    Smoker set at 235;


    Apple and Grapefruit

    No water in the pan;

    2 Hour's of smoke;

    Time to wrap!

    A layer of Dark Brown Sugar, a few stripes of Honey and Butter Spread on both sides.

    I didn't have "Tiger Sauce" so I used "TUONG OT SRIRACHA" sauce. (Good stuff,, be care full,,, it's HOT!)

    Wrap, and back in for an hour and a half at 225.

    Unwrap and back in the smoker, boost the temp to 250-260. Save all the juice from the foil, place in a sauce pan and place on a very low heat to slowly simmer.

    I did use a light smoke for the last hour in the smoker.

    I added some of my favorite BBQ sauce to the pan that contained all the goodness from the foil that's been simmering to use as a final glaze. This sauce was soooooooo good that I used it on chicken later in the week.


    Outstanding ribs! We sat down with some friends, a pile of slaw, a few cold beers and wiped the three slabs out in no time! Sweet and sticky goodness! Good bites off the bone, tender with a nice heat finish!

    I can now humbly say that,,,, I'm on the same planet as Johnny Trigg. Hopefully some day I'll be able to say that my ribs are somewhere in the same BBQ universe as his are.
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  2. tonybel

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    Ribs look great!
    Nice color also.
  3. whittling chip

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    Love the apple and grapefruit mix on the wood choice. I use all the citrus wood I can find. I'm in Largo and the citrus cures real quick in the "winter" which is our dry season.

    Your TUONG OT SRIRACHA looks like a pretty good alternative to JT's

    Happy smokin'

  4. webowabo

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    Johnny trigg who? ... Ribs look good. and if you liked them.. and the friends like them more than the beer.... I ask again.. Johnyy who? heheh
  5. Looks great!

    Happy smoken.

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  6. Gorgeous Ribs!  Making my mouth water!

  7. seenred

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    Those baby backs look absolutely delicious!  Nice going!

  8. comosmoker

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    Ribs look outstanding!!!!  [​IMG]     [​IMG]     [​IMG]    Nice Q-View as well!!
  9. disco

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    They look terrific!


  10. Look damn good to me. Love the siracha idea. I  might try that one
  11. NICE GOOD, THEY LOOK AWESOME!!!!!! I will have to give that a try next!
  12. chef willie

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    Great looking ribs. I did a double take on the grapefruit wood & then looked at your location. Made sense then. Did some JT ribs a while back and was shocked at the squeeze Parkay idea on actual real food.....BUT, surprisingly it works.....Willie
  13. lgreenberg

    lgreenberg Fire Starter

    one more "omg that looks great! "

  14. mickhlr

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    Outstanding Schmitzmoke!!  They do look great!  I can almost smell them. 

    I have smoked a lot of ribs through the years on my old wide body GOSM.  And, they were always good.  With those 4 grates, I could smoke 8 racks of ribs at a time.  It produced good, tender, tasty ribs...very easily.  Being from Texas, I grew up on good barbeque sauce.  But, the first time I went to Memphis in 2001, and tried the dry-rub ribs at Rendezvous and Corky's, I loved those as well.  And, for years, when I smoked ribs I did some slabs the Texas-way, and some slabs the Memphis-way.  I kept Corky's rub in stock at all times. 

    However, I've never smoked any the way they do on Barbeque Pitmasters...specifically the rib legend, Johnny Trigg.  And, I sure did want to try that.

    Then, I bought me a new Old Country Wrangler stick burner.  I played with it for 3 weeks before I finally attempted ribs...and I did three racks of spare ribs.  Keep in mind, that even though I, and many others, always thought my ribs were really good, I never took the time to remove the membrane.  And, I never trimmed spare ribs by removing the top, thin meat strip, or the flap on the underside.  I did all that with these ribs, as that's what Johnny Trigg, and most other competitors on Barbeque Pitmasters did.  And, I started playing with my own rubs and barbeque sauces.  Finally found one of each that I really like.    

    Anyway, I smoked them in my rub for about 3 hours at 275*, then took them off, wrapped them in foil with the squeeze butter, brown sugar, and honey.  I didn't need to add any more spice, due to the rub I made.  Put them back on the smoker for 2 hours wrapped in foil...keeping the temp at 275.  Took them out of the foil, and like you, saved that sweet juice to heat up and mix with a homemade barbeque sauce.  Put them back on the smoker at 325-350* for about 45 minutes, glazing with the barbeque sauce, until they looked perfect.  And, I have to say, they were by-far the best ribs I've ever smoked.  EVER!!  And, the worst ribs I've ever smoked were GREAT!  These were magnificent!  I now see I've always smoked mine too long, as they were normally falling off the bone...and I found they don't like that in competition barbeque.  I never knew they could be just as tender, bite like butter, and NOT fall off the bone.  I just didn't know how to do it. 

    And, those thin pieces of boneless meat that I trimmed off the top and the flap on the underside...I smoked them with the ribs on my upper rack.  I never wrapped them, and after about 4 hours I glazed them in barbeque sauce for a few minutes, then took them off the smoker, cut into bite-sized pieces to snack on as we were drinking Newcastle and waiting on the ribs.  OMG!!!  Absolutely wonderful...and those 6 strips of juicy, smoky, tender pork were gone in no time.

    Here is some of the finished product.

  15. suie

    suie Meat Mopper

    The ribs look great, awesome job!!

    I gotta ask, though, what is chortle powder?
  16. mneeley490

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    I've been meaning to try these this summer. I have the Tiger sauce, but I can't find anyplace around here that still sells squeeze Parkay. [​IMG]
  17. schmitzmoke

    schmitzmoke Fire Starter

    I have a friend that has a yard care business, he always has fruit wood. The other day he hooked me up with a pile of Pecan that I chunked up.

    I gotta tell ya,, the Squeeze Parkay, Honey, Siracha and Brown Sugar along with the rib juices was killer!!!!
  18. schmitzmoke

    schmitzmoke Fire Starter

    Chipotle, Spell Checker did that to me,,,,,
  19. schmitzmoke

    schmitzmoke Fire Starter

    Them's some sweet look'in ribs! I had the same problem,,, cook too long and the get mushy! I rely on feel and a bone twist when it starts getting close.
  20. schmitzmoke

    schmitzmoke Fire Starter

    I can almost see your smoke from my place here in Brandon. My Wally World doesn't have the Tiger sauce,,, and I've never had it before. The Sriracha brings some kick ass flavor to the party!!! I love it on all kinds of stuff. keep lots of cold beer on hand, the heat sneaks up on ya,, and gives ya a good whoop'in!

     See ya at Crabby Bills for a cold beer!
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