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jerky gun


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hi, i'm thinking of getting a jerky gun from academy sports i was thinking of getting the large 1  its around 50 bucks i think...is it worth it? is it any good? should i get the smaller 1? i wanna make snack sticks..and jerky...any thoughts on this?   ty so much


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I have the LEM jerky cannon. I believe that is the one they sell at Academy. I use mine for snack sticks and ground meat jerky. It works real well. You defiantly get a forearm workout though!



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I went with a Jerky shooter from Cabelas. The larger shooter is well worth it, less time spent filling the shooter more time spent making sticks and/or jerky. HI Mountain also makes a smaller plastic shooter for around $30 with enough cure for 30 lbs. Good luck


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I guess I got lucky. My Cabellas was less than $30 on sale. Would I get the bigger one next time yes but it was not anywhere near $50 - check on line. They are all pretty much based on a calking gun with different tips and a barrel instead of a place to insert the tube of calk.  I have had it for a while and the only issue is having to reload -


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I bought the large Weston jerky gun on Amazon, it holds 1 1/2 pounds of meat, that means less time refilling and it came with some spice mixes, I'm really happy with the large size and it operates very smooth and effortless.  What sold me on this make is the ad said, "easy squeeze trigger," being in construction I've used lots of different caulking guns and some work better than others, this gun didn't disappoint me, it is very easy to squeeze.

I also lay fiberglass window screen on my grates and shoot on them, keeps the snack sticks from drooping through the grates, I lay the tip on the screen and just pull and shoot, just before I reach the side I release the trigger, push the release button and wipe the tip on the grate to cut the stick, works fine.

Bearcarver has an excellent pepperoni beef stick tutorial in his sig that I and others use.


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