Jalapeno and Cheese Snack Sticks this weekend

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bryceb, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. bryceb

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    Another go at it... the last ones were so good that they are gone in a week

    We just mixed and stuffed 2.5lbs of Hi Mountain Original Snackin' Sticks with cheese and another 2.5 with cheese and jalapeños.  We're going to try Kraft Crumbles before we try high temp cheese.  I read some postes about the Crumbles working better than regular cheese for this and some reviews of people complaining that they didn't melt well in other uses.

    Last night...

    Mixed 80/20 beef, spices, cure, water, cheese and jalapenos

    Into the stuffer (LEM 606)

    Stuffed (21mm mahogany casings)

    Portioned out.  I got about 28 11-12 inch sticks out of the 5lbs of beef plus whatever else the cheese, water and peppers added

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  2. bryceb

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    Today they went into the MES30 knockoff and will get just a but less smoke than the last batch. The wife felt they were still too smoky but I liked them.

    We had a few that broke when portioning them up and some that just had a bit too much so we ended up with 3 skinless ones that look like cat turds (I just hand rolled them out which seemed to add to the look!!). I am a bit concerned that we may have some split, so I'm crossing my fingers.
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  3. They look good to me.  I want to some.  I have to get the small stuffer tube for my stuffer.  Mine came with the plastic ones and the smallest one is 1/2 inch.
  4. bryceb

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    Brought them up to 154 deg and now resting them. The first batch I gave them a bath.and the casings shriveled up. The 2nd batch I made I didn't and the casings gad a nice snap. So no bath fir these... just a few hours of rest on the table then into the fridge for the night before packaging them up

    No fat out on these and the cheese didn't seem to melt away either, so Kraft Crumbles appear to be a success.

    The Jalapeño/Cheese

    And the Just Cheese for those that can't handle a little heat

    They smell awesome but I know I need to wait a few days for the best taste.
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  5. bryceb

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    Until recently we only had a Kitchenaid Stuffer and it was aawful.bad enough that my wife called LEM to make sure we were getting the right stuff to make sticks and breakfast sausage links. The regular LEM 606 cones with the plastic tubes but the 606SS cones with the stainless tubes and the little one fir sticks
  6. MY T FINE looking sticks. I have gone to using no casing. They have a lot better smoke flavor. Not sure it would work well with cheese.

    Happy smoken.

  7. bryceb

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    All portioned and packaged up. The cheese did well and stayed in chunks mostly. Next time I need ti leave the jalapeño in larger chunks... the flavor is there but visually and texturely they are not. Just over 5lbs total when done.

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    Those look great just home from elk camp and ordered a beef [​IMG]

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