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Anyone have any experience with these products? I have wanted one a long time but just never hit me at the right time.

They make many types, I saw this one has plenty of blades and SS tubes whatever that is. Its the Tim "The Toolman" Taylor in me that says stainless steel good in good !

So has any one had good/bad experience? Does it in fact tenderize? Is the Jaccard the best Jaccard?

I am thinking it would be good for chicken fried steak, or maybe even deep brine/curing like for a ham or corned beef pastrami?

Anyone have an opinion?
The Jaccard is a decent purchace for getting the job done. It is a little hard to clean because the needles are so close together. A good spray

with a hose is probably the best way to get the thing clean. I have 2 of them.  We usually cut up 3 loins at a time for pork chop sandwiches at my business, and the Jaccard was a lot of work for that many at a time.  I ended up buying a "Kitchener" tenderizer at Harbor Freight a few years back.  This thing works pretty good. (Hand crank) I don't see them listed there anymore.  Northern Tool has them,  and they are more expensive!

The Jaccard is great for getting a marinade to penetrate the meat, and does tenderize it.

I hope I helped.

Hi Foamheart,

I've had one for years. It is good for chicken fried steak and also reg. steak cuts. I do it with venison steaks all the time. Just don't over do it or it will taste like someone chewed it before you. I usually cut the steak about 1/2 in. thicker then I want to cook, pass the jaccard over never doing the same spot twice. Flip and do again. That thins the cut of the extra 1/2 in. Get bbq grill screaming hot, brush steak lightly with evoo and sear and cook to rare or med rare. I haven't bought a beef steak in 30 yrs. Just watch cooking time because extra surface area caused by multiple punctures causes meat to cook faster then normal. I do also use it to puncture meat I am brining, wet or dry to insure cure penetration. 
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