Its my birthday today so.........

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Jan 20, 2011
New Jersey
guess what I received from my co-workers? An 11# Boston pork butt! I guess they heard I was looking to smoke some butt for pulled pork. Now here is my question......its 11#, can I cut it in half and freeze? Or is it advised that I leave it in one piece? Just curious.

Happy birthday!!! yep you can cut it in half and freeze...but why would you want to? Once ypu start eating pp you can't stop!!!!LOL
Happy Birthday ChazE! 

1 cheek or 2 it doesn't matter. 
Happy birthday, Chaz.  I don't bother cutting the butts.  In fact, the last smoke I did, I smoked four of them. And that's just for my wife and I.  The stuff freezes quite well.
Happy birthday Chaz, I don't cut mine either, just pull it & what I don't eat I put in vacuum bags & freeze. That way your only about a minute or two from a PP sandwich, anytime you feel like having one.
Hey Chaz, my b-day is tomorrow and I'm quite sure no one is going to give me a pork butt, so I'm a little jelous. 

Personally, I wouldn't cut that butt up. If you are going to be firing up the smoker to do a 12 hour cook I would cook as much as I could and then freeze. Better yet, cook the whole thing up and take some back to work for your co-workers to sample. After they taste it you may receive more gifts to smoke in the future if they think they are going to get some as well. Either way Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Chaz.     

You can cut it in half, but I’m with Bassman and Al on this one.

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