It's A Picnic!!

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Apr 4, 2022
I plan to smoke a 7.25 pound pork picnic tomorrow in my Masterbuilt electric smoker. I tried to remove the leather skin, but decided to just score it an rub it overnight.

My question is how long do I smoke it and at what temperature? Thinking about 14 hours at 220. Any ideas on this and how to rest it? Thanks!


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You should know that you do not need to smoke it low-n-slow at 220°-225° and take 12, 14 hours or longer.

You can get great results in less time by smoking it at higher temps, what is referred to as hot-n-fast 250°-275°, and cut your cooking time down by hours.
Also you can wrap (crutch) it in either foil or unwaxed butcher paper to speed up the cooking process once you reach an IT of 160°-170°.

Another recommendation is to finish it over direct, high heat and turn that "leather" into crispy cracklins.

And lastly, there is no set time/temp to cook by, just rough estimates, what you want to do is cook it until it's somewhere in the 200°-210° IT range, and is probe tender and will easily be pulled.

Whatever you do leave yourself extra time over the average in case it needs it.
If it's done on time that's great, just wrap it in an old towel or two and it'll stay piping hot for at least 2-4 hours on the counter or especially in a cooler.

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