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Is everyone a bbq expert? What is the craziest BBQ advice someone has told you and what did you say?


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I went to pick up a couple of briskets at a local place in town (my church has a credit card with this place so I have to go there for church bbq functions). All they had was select briskets. When I asked if they have any choice or higher briskets the meat manager gets real defensive and starts tell me that

1. "good brisket is all about technique not the quality of the meat".

2. "if you cook the brisket fat side up the juices run down through the middle of the brisket and keep it moist"

3. "If you want to make good bbq make sure to use wet wood chips to get better smoke"

4. "You dont need to trim the brisket at all, you will get a better product if you scrape all the fat off when you carve it up"

5. "If you want to get the best brisket possible you need to put the brisket in a foil pan and add a lot of liquid into the pan"

6. " finishing the brisket in the oven is the same thing as finishing the brisket on a smoker."

When I told this guy I disagreed with a few of those points he told me " I am a meat manager for a living" Well you know what . . . cutting steaks all day is not the same thing as cooking brisket all day. And there are a lot of people who cook brisket all day that still cant get it right.

What is the craziest thing someone has told you before and what did you say?

Chime in and lets come up with a big list of things people say who think they know everything but are clueless. If someone is new and they want help I would NEVER put them down for asking a question. I am talking only about guys who think they are a KCBS national champion and their food tastes like the school lunch.
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It actually was a thread posted on this site. The title is, "Is everyone a bbq expert? What is the craziest BBQ advice someone has told you and what did you say?" Totally bizarre. :biggrin:

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