Irish Egg Rolls

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  1. So I know this is a smoking forum and I think that boiled meat doesn't exactly fit the description of this forum, but, it is St Paddy's day and I wanted to share this with you.  Threw a corned beef in the pressure cooker yesterday and chilled it in the fridge over night.  this morning I cooked up some O'ryda hash browns and sauteed some coleslaw and made some Irish egg rolls.  Happy St Paddy's Day!

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    Those egg rolls look incredible.
  3. They look so good. Did you pre-cook the potatoes and cabbage?
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    Those look mighty tasty. 
  5. Yea... pressure cooked the corned beef yesterday and let it set up overnight in the fridge... sauteed shredded cabbage and carrots with butter salt and pepper and cooked frozen potatoes as per instructions on the hash brown cube package.  Let it all chill down in the freezer for a few minutes then mixed it up.  Made a scratch thousand Island dressing for dipping and buzzed it down in the blender so it wouldn't have big pickle chunks in it.  Turned out very good!
  6. Thanks. I make pork egg rolls all the time but corned beef and cabbage is a favorite of mine. Gotta give these a try.
  7. Those look great. Can you post the recipe?
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    Looks great.........Makes me hungry
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    Now I really like this idea thanks for it. This will have to go on the short lst for our next party.
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    Excellent timely post.  They look wonderful and you have inspired me to give this a try. 
  11. That looks excellent.  I've already stole your photo and cooking instructions.  It's going in my cookbook for my next family gathering.  Egg rolls are always a favorite.
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    Wow! Those look crazy good! These are going make me cure another corned beef for next week's use!
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    Could you detail the recipe for me, please! Is the whiskey for the recipe or cook?
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    Here's a smokey Irish I can definitely recommend:

    Not exactly Ardbeg, but being peated it's quite smokey by Irish standards. Besides Ardbeg I've enjoyed several Islays, and Connemara holds its' own in that company.
  15. they look awesome how do you make the outer part cheers 
  16. Irish Egg Rolls
    • 4lb corned beef
    • 1 beer
    • 1 bag Ore-Ida hash browns (cubes)
    • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
    • 2 bags coleslaw (shredded cabbage and carrots)
    • 2 tbs butter
    • Salt and Pepper to taste
    • 40 egg roll wrappers
    • 1 egg
    1. The day before, open corned beef in the sink and rinse well.  Place in pressure cooker and poor in one beer then add water just till meat is covered.
    2. Add pickling spice included to pressure cooker ( I also add an additional tbs of pickling spice if I have it around)
    3. Close pressure cooker and set on high heat till the cooker starts whilst ling (15psi) then reduce heat to medium low to low ( just enough to keep a solid whistle going) set timer for 55 minutes.
    4. After 55 minutes take the cooker off the heat and let the pressure release naturally (10-30 min)
    5. Pull meat and let rest for 20 minutes, then wrap in foil and place in the fridge overnight.
    6. Pull meat next day and cut into very small cubes.
    7. Heat 1/3 cup of vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat
    8. Spread the entire bag evenly across the skillet, cover for 10 minutes
    9. Use a spatula and flip potatoes.  Cover for 7 more minutes ( do not stir)
    10. Flip one more time and cover again for 3-5 minutes
    11. Empty potatoes into a bowl and place in freezer for 15-30 min
    12. Meanwhile melt butter in skillet and lightly saute coleslaw until just starting to soften
    13. Add salt and pepper to taste and remove and cool as per potatoes
    14. Fold all ingredients together
    15. Preheat deep fryer or frying oil to 370.
    16. Beat egg in a small bowl and thin with a little water to create egg wash
    17. Use 2 Wrappers per egg roll to create a thicker, bubbly textured egg roll. approx 1/2 cup of filling per Roll
    18. Makes approx 20 egg rolls
    Dipping Sauce
    • 1 Cup Mayo
    • 1/4 Cup Ketchup
    • 2 tbs Sweet Relish
    • Pinch Salt
    • Pinch Pepper
    Mix all ingredients in a blender or small electric chopper and buzz down till relish chunks are almost invisible.
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    Thanks for the recipe,  I'm going to give this  try
  18. No problem... very easy... I think next time I'll try adding a little shredded Swiss.
  19. MMMMMM Swissss! 

    Now 'yer talkin!  Gotta get some mustard in some sort of dipping sauce if ya add the swiss though...
  20. Looks delish!

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