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  1. Hi, I thought I did everything to get started plus I entered a post but I still have no response except asking to do  a post which i did along with an introduction. Not sure if I did everything right.. Trying to get in put on smoking salami and summer sausage.Why am I having a hard skin form after smoking.any, any pointers would be appreciated

  2. Hey John and welcome !  [​IMG]

     I'm about to start my first Summer Sausage so unfortunately don't have any advice other than to use the search bar ^^^. There is a world of info to be had on anything you want to know about smoking anything you can think of here. 

    I'm sure soon someone here will address your issue and reply with some help.
  3. I have made summer sausage and salami for the last 3 ears and h ave not figured out why I get the little hard crust around the product , I have tried several different ways smoking but no luck. Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated.

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